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Lauren’s 4th birthday

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Lauren had her 4th birthday today and we had a great time. She had a lot of her girlfriends over for a party, which Nicole arranged very well. The theme for the party was “princess” and the girls were asked to dress up as a princess. Nicole baked a yummy chocolate cake and she decorated the outside with a picture of a princess. We arranged for a couple of games, including a pinata, treasure hunt and we had magic wand making and nail painting outside. Some of the girls had big brothers who also came because they were older brothers and Evan played with them most of the time. Sometimes they got naughty and tried to bust up the games, but in general, they were quite good.

Lauren got so many presents. Mostly barbie-type things, and we bought her a few fun toys, but really she was quite spoiled. The weather was so wonderful today – sunny and a bit hot, but not too bad. I took the day off, which was really great. It was a bit strange being amongst so many of the Mums in Nicole’s group, but it was nice seeing everybody have so much fun and Lauren really get into the birthday.