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It’s my birthday today

Monday, March 31st, 2008

These days Lauren likes to say this:

Lauren: Mummy, it’s my birthday today!

Mummy: Really?

Lauren: Just tricking…

Report card

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Lauren got a glowing report card again, something that doesn’t surprise us too much. She’s a typical teacher’s pet, staying close to the teacher all the time and being bright and bubbly. Here’s a snapshot of her latest report card. It’s pretty good!

Lauren's second report card

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

I was reading tonight with Lauren and trying to get her to read the words (people’s names) and was slowly spelling them out and she was saying the name associated.
L…a…u…r…e…n… – Lauren!

E…v…a…n… – Evan

R…a…l…p…h… – Ralph

We got to Nicole, and I read out:


when Lauren finished the word: “Nick Evans!” :)
Nick Evans is an All Black who Evan has related with since he has the name “Evan” in his name.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

We gave Lauren some swimming goggles today (more or less for the first time) and she really took to them! She was putting her head underwater so much and she really seemed to enjoy it. She was reluctant at first, but at the end she was like a little fish! Evan was the same way when he first was able to go underwater. Really amazing how she progressed in such a short time like today at the pool. Evan meanwhile swam more than half the pool length. His stamina is still weak, so he needs to work on that. I taught him the whip kick today and I think he sort-of got the hang of it. Normally we do the flutter kick, which is the normal front crawl stroke.