July 13th, 2012

Lauren got her ears pierced the other day for the first time. She was very brave when she had it done. The earrings look pretty good and she’s happy she got it done.

Netball season has started!!!

May 13th, 2012

Netball season has started again and Lauren is playing again. She is still too young for a full league but she is playing/ practicing every Monday after school. She is really enjoying it and with her height she should do well.


May 5th, 2012

Lauren got glasses this weekend. They look quite a bit like mine actually. Here’s a picture of her:



November 20th, 2011

Lauren has another great season of netball behind her. Netball is played all year round and won’t be called off even under very wet or rainy conditions.

Come to the gala

November 18th, 2011

Lauren had to write a letter about coming to the gala, so she wrote it as if she were inviting a friend (Mia). Here’s what she wrote (spelling mistakes and all):

Dear Mia,

I’m inviting you to my gala. I’m going to dunk a teacher, dig for treasure and do a lucky dip. They have all of them. So please come to our gala. It’s on Sunday 6th November. If you could walk me around the school with your mum, I’d love that. My mum is doing Books. So are you going to go yes or no. Please come to our gala. If you do not no wher it is, go on the computer on shelly park school.

from Lauren

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October 11th, 2011

Lauren has already started her Christmas wish list. Here it is:

– dog toy
– heelies (shoes with wheels)
– zhu zhu puppies
– doggy things

Student home-stays

August 29th, 2011

We had some student home-stays from Korea stay with us. Two girls – 12 years old, called Ji Yeong and Sun Woo. Both were lovely girls and got on with the kids so well. They stayed with us just over 3 weeks and went to Somerville intermediate.

We gave them a copy of our photos and gave them our email addresses, so maybe we will stay in touch.

The kids really enjoyed having other kids around I think. Both Evan and Lauren got a lot of attention from the girls – I think Evan in particular liked the attention from the girls. When the girls left, I think the kids were a bit sad.

I wonder what language the kids will want to learn – hopefully they can do a homestay themselves!


August 29th, 2011

Lauren has been playing netball for a few weeks now. She’s part of the “Future Ferns” netball league, which is a great name! I think she’s quite enjoying it, but she really is very talented in it, if I can say so! She’s been scoring lots of goals and is a good head taller than the average player. Today I got to watch her and she did awesome! She started out as goalkeeper and did a great job defending the goal – she’s so tall, the others really had to lob the ball high to get it in!

From Rabbits and Netball

Then Lauren got to play Goal Shooter for the 2nd half and she did awesome! She was getting in tonnes of shots and goals. The other team had a really good Goalshooter as well, but it looks like the other players weren’t really too good and they let her down, so I think we must have gotten 10 or so points when the other team didn’t get any. Lauren played like a star and was often helping everybody out.

From Rabbits and Netball
From Rabbits and Netball
From Rabbits and Netball
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From Rabbits and Netball

Lauren did so well, she got player of the day!

From Rabbits and Netball

Lauren’s 7th birthday

July 3rd, 2011

Lauren turned 7 on the weekend and had her 5 girlfriends over for a party!

The girls went to Crumbles Pottery Studio to do some pottery painting. We rented a room in the studio and had a tutor come to show the kids how to paint the pottery. The pottery will be fired and glazed and eventually returned to the kids, so they have a memory of the party for the future.

The kids could choose which pottery to paint, and had a selection of dinosaurs, heart-shaped trinket boxes, plates, mugs and cupcakes.

The pottery turned out really well, and the girls were thrilled with the results.

Lauren's 7th birthday

Afterwards, the girls came back to our house for food, cake and ice-cream.

Lauren had a pegasus cake, made by Mummy:

From Lauren's 7th birthday

What a great birthday!


April 29th, 2011

Lauren saw a crescent moon at night, pointed at it and said “Look! A croissant!” :)