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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Lauren had a homework activity on the weekend where she was meant to look after an egg as if it were here baby.

Lauren worked hard on taking good care of the egg. She called it Eggy and she made a little pouch out of cloth for it to sit in. She put it in the doggy purse she has.

On Monday morning just before jumping in the car to go to school, she dropped Eggy from the kitchen benchtop!

Lauren was really distraught that she dropped the egg – she was crying.

Later that day she made a tombstone for Eggy and used the epitaph:
Eggy epitaph
“Here lies Eggy. If only I cared more for her”

It is a copy of the Calvin and Hobbes comic!


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Evan’s class is raising bunnies and when asked what type of bunnies they were, Lauren said “Dunlop”. She really meant lop-eared bunnies. :)