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First day of kindy

Monday, February 19th, 2007

Lauren’s all grown up now! She had her first day of kindy and she did really well! She left Mummy easily and didn’t cry when she left. She made friends already and on the way home, she wouldn’t stop telling Mummy about all the fun things that she did that day. Very different than Evan who, even today, is reluctant to tell us what he did during the day. Funny.

Here’s a shot of the little princess.

A princess' first day at kindy.

“Definately not!”

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Tomorrow is Lauren’s first day of school and we’re trying to get her ready for it, so we’re talking a lot about what school is and what is done there. Evan cried when he first went and Lauren seems to be much more mature about it, but still we ask if she’s going to be ok. This is the conversation from tonight:

Mummy: Lauren are you going to cry tomorrow at school?

Lauren: Definately not!