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Monday, July 24th, 2006

Evan likes to show his muscles by bending his arm and flexing his muscles. Lauren tries to do it as well, but she sticks her fingers in her ears!

2nd birthday

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

Lauren had her second birthday today and it was a blast! The morning started off with some cleaning of the house because we were planning a birthday party. Then we opened Lauren’s presents – a book (Hello Kitty), a backpack (Hello Kitty), some beach toys (Hello Kitty) and some other odds and ends (Hello Kitty). She loved all of it, although Evan tried to open most of the presents. Lauren knew very well what happens on a birthday, so she was very much into it.

Our friends came to visit around 11am. Yoshie came first and she brought some yummy sushi. Then Emma came with her parents Brian and Vanessa. Then Mamoru and Akira came with their parents Akiyo and Makoto. Jolie and Caleb with their parents Rebecca and Will and then Elyse came with her parents Ruth and Michael. Lots of pressies for Lauren!

Ruth and Michael gave Lauren a hairdressing kit, complete with a stand-up mirror, sink, trolly for putting (play) scissors, brush etc. into. It even has battery operated clippers and hair drier! That went over really well with all the kiddies!

We had some food and then Ruth and Michael brought over a pinata! Ruth is from Ecuador and the pinata is a bit different than what we’ve used before. Everybody holds strings at the bottom of the lolly-laden pinata, and they give it a big pull. The candy then gushes out and the kids make a mad lolly-scramble! All very fun!

After that, Lauren got her birthday cake, with 2 candles and blew out the candles easily. Evan got upset that he didn’t blow out the 2nd candle (as was agreed with Lauren), so we quickly lit it again and he happily blew them out. The cake was shaped like Hello Kitty and looked like this.

Hello Kitty