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Peter and Naoko’s wedding anniversary!

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Naoko and I had our 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday, and it was a great day! Zen studied Chinese and math without complaint, we played catchball and went swimming, and I listened to four of the LPs that I bought on Saturday – the Carpenters, the Ventures, the Steve Miller Band and Link Wray! Great!!

After that we went off to buy shoes for Zen, and finally to our favourite dining spot in Singapore – No Signboard! This time we ordered three crabs: the staple chili crab, Zen’s favourite butter crab, and also salted egg crab. Nice! Naturally it was washed down with plenty of beer!

After that we went home, got a call from Canada from mom and dad to wish us well for our wedding anniversary, then we finished watching the great Chinese epic film Red Cliff! All right!!




We had leftover crab and gravy, so we took it home and it re-appeared tonight in the form of chili crab fried rice! Yummy!!