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New songs

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Since I came back from Japan I’ve been gearing up my demos, and I finished three of them just this past weekend! “Omniscient” is good fun with its cheezy sample from the local train system.



Even When I’m Right I’m Wrong

Before I went to Japan I recorded some songs at home in Garageband using loops and my voice as recorded through a microphone. I’d put the lyrics together some time back with no thought of what the tune should be, but Garageband did all tha tfor me.

The song “Take Your Fill” is a bit different – the vocals for that one I came up with on the spot, based on a very cool slow guitar loop that I found in Garageband. It isn’t all the raw first take – I did a rant, then ran out of steam… I wrote down the rant, re-recorded it, and then carried on with a new rant. That’s the version you get here.

Double Feature

Soup In My Fly

Take Your Fill