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Rudra live in concert!!

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Rudra is one of my favourite Singapore bands. They’ve got everything – the look, the sound, the style, the chops, the dedication, the concept. Love these guys.

Rudra IMG_3970

Rudra IMG_4068

Rudra IMG_3914

Rudra IMG_3921

Rudra IMG_3940

Rudra IMG_3909

Rudra IMG_3999

Rudra IMG_3968

Rudra IMG_3991

Rudra IMG_4007

Rudra IMG_4085

Rudra IMG_3908

Rudra IMG_3960

Rudra IMG_4062

Rudra IMG_3926

Rudra IMG_3933

Rudra IMG_3967

Rudra IMG_4043

Rudra IMG_3903

Rudra IMG_3944