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Bands in Singapore: Arrogant Moron, Sintoxicate, Truth Be Known, King Parrot, Rudra!

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Checked out some great bands last night at the Aliwal Arts Centre here in Singapore. First up was Arrogant Moron. I didn’t see them, because I was outside hanging out with friends and thought that they were sound checking. Turns out that it was their show, and I missed it! Oh well. The other bands were amazing, though, and the crowd was good fun. Ar Boy was doing the sound, talked with him for a while, bought a King Parrot split single, got the first Rudra release/early demo on CD, and a CD-EP from Sintoxicate. Looking forward to the upcoming Truth Be Known release.

Rudra King Parrot Sintoxicate

The audience was cool, with some kids wearing Sintoxicate or Rudra back patches on their jean jackets!! Saw a lot of Sodom patches!! Nearly everybody got picked up for some crowd surfing, from the slightest girls to the burliest ogres/guys. At one point, Truth Be Known invited the audience to climb onstage. I had no idea what it was about, but then the lead singer, bass player and one of the guitarists got into the audience pit and played for the audience from there, doing “we’re not worthy” bowing. Wow! King Parrot were mental, of course, partying Aussie style. The lead singer dragged Theresa  onstage and danced with her a bit, she was mortified of course.

Had a great time talking to the bands between set, met Matt from King Parrot and talked about band stuff. Great show all around, and every band kicked out the jams!! Thanks, Eric, for putting it together and giving us our fix of awesome!!



Truth Be Known!




Three of the guys from Truth Be Known invited us all onto the stage and played from the audience area, doing a lot of “we’re not worthy” bowing. Wow!


Here’s the Truth Be Known drummer, took the pic while onstage.


King Parrot. These guys were nutso, agitating the crowd to party, throwing water at us, and antagonizing people (like me) who were taking pictures. Each member was such a character, especially the bass player, who was sort of a four-string Bun E Carlos. The drummer is tattooed all over his body, including shaved head and neck!




Wow… RUDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!





Heave ho!!