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The Hideous Motör-Apes

Monday, October 31st, 2016

In 2016 MegalomaniA was on hiatus from live performance, except for one in June and two in August (when we launched our album). So I put together two new bands for fun, and one of them is The Motör-Apes, a masked band for Hallowe’en and horror-themed gigs. We had a blast playing Crazy Elephant on Sunday, October 30th and Blu Jaz Cafe on Monday, October 31st! We had a blast!! I even designed a cool logo, and put all sorts of fun stuff on the Facebook page.

Motör-Apes IMG_2615

Motör-Apes imageedit_1_8796706296

The Motör-Apes IMG_3324

Motör-Apes IMG_2621

The Motör-Apes IMG_3542