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My back: L45 spondylosisthesis

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Well, on the morning of November 3rd I had my back surgery to correct mis-alignment of two of my lower back vertebrae. Basically, I had L45 spondylosisthesis with bilateral lower limb weakness, requiring L45 transforaminal lumbar inter body fusion. Fun.

The procedure went smoothly, though, and after just two and a half days in the hospital, three hours for the operation itself and the rest for observation, strengthening and recovery. On the first day I just slept and slept and slept, the second day I tried out my first steps, and on the third day I went home. Great!

Everyone in the hospital was totally amazing, and I was treated very well indeed. Awesome!

Later on I got to see some X-rays, and they show my new spinal re-alignment: previously, vertebrae 4 and 5 were detached from the regular spinal curvature, but now after surgery they have been re-aligned and bolted into place. Eventually, the area between will calcify, and form one super-vertebra.

Before - mis-aligned...

Before – mis-aligned…

After - aligned!

After – aligned!

I must say that the hospital food was pretty amazing!!

I must say that the hospital food was pretty amazing!!