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Rooftop Sessions, volume 5

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Saw some great music last night with Naoko on a rooftop in Geylang at Rooftop Sessions #5, January Jamboree, organised by my friend Loong. Superb! Stanley Ho, Daphne Khoo, and the famous MadHatter Project all performed. I spent some time talking to my friend Irfan, and Naoko and I had some drinks, including a “Roid Rum” concoction that I’d won for (sort of) knowing what the word “jamboree” means (I said “a gathering of jams“, which it was, with the crucial term being “gathering”). This is the third Rooftop Session I’ve been to, as I’ve been to #3 and #4 and this one, but the first one that had a full band among the acts!!

Stanley played some very somber numbers that were about family (not relationships), the stillness and droning chords reminded me of Nagisa Ni Te, also a little Cat Power-ish. Daphne’s songs were more upbeat and poppy, although also deeply personal, while the MadHatter Project was a bit more manic, gospelly and Shibuya-kei groovy. It was cool having a full band play on the rooftop, although from where I was sitting the Moog was a bit too powerful, mix-wise (still… those Moog tones are darn coooolll!!!).

Here are some pictures!!

Stanley Ho!!


Daphne Khoo!!



The MadHatter Project (no hats, though)!!



The bartender and me celebrating his Roid Rum cocktail!!