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Obsessive reviewer

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

People who know me may also know that I’m an obsessive reviewer. Probably any book or comic book I read, any film I watch, and any music album I listen to will probably get reviewed. I recently updated my blog’s Boris page, which I call “My big bad Boris page” and decided to compile all of my other “big bad” pages. Some of them are pretty short, like the Batman page, or the Superman page, but the pages for the Stones, and in particular for just the album Exile On Main Street, are pretty long, looking not only at albums, but also biographies, autobiographies, documentaries and live videos.

Interestingly, this probably all goes back to one of my old teachers, who recommended that I should jot down the impression of every book I read on a library index card, so that I can go back and see what my impressions were at the time, etc. Looks like I’ve done that… and then some!

My big bad Batman page
My big bad Charlie Chaplin page
My big bad Conan page
My big bad Ender page
My big bad Exile On Main Street page
My big bad Guns N’ Roses page
My big bad Hellboy page
My big bad Indiana Jones page
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My big bad Madman page
My big bad Ministry page
My big bad Observatory page
My big bad Rocky page
My big bad Rolling Stones page
My big bad Spitz page
My big bad Superman page
My big bad Ultra Fuckers page
My big bad youth fiction page