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Happy New Year 2017!!

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year 2017! I made a bunch of New Year’s greetings – one from Naoko and Zen and I, one from myself, one from each of my bands.

Peter Naoko Zen PNZ2017Nengajo

Peter PH2017Nengajo

MegalomaniA nengajo2017

The Motör-Apes 2016 wish

The Sinisters 2017 greeting


Sunday, August 7th, 2016

My band MegalomaniA recorded an album, actually a 6-song EP. These are the songs.

  1. Psycho Blaster
  2. Spinal Reconstruction Blues
  3. Demon Fate
  4. Escape The World
  5. Butterfly Wheel
  6. The Wurdalak

I sing on all the songs except “Escape The World” (our guitarist Faz sings on that one). That song also has a guest guitar solo from Dhalif Ali.

My friend Kevin Mathews wrote a preview piece for the CD launch in Singapore’s TODAY newspaper, “MegalomaniA flies the metal flag with debut EP Escape The World“. Thanks, Kevin!!

You can buy the CD in Singapore from Hear Records, Inokii Records, Memory Lane, or Roxy Records & Trading. It’s available for download from MegalomaniA’s Bandcamp page.

Here’s the video for our song “The Wurdalak”.

We made a trailer for the album:

Actually, we made two trailers!!

We even made a video for the first single, the title track “Escape The World” (which is also available for download from MegalomaniA’s Bandcamp page).

We released the album on August 6th. That day we also did an interview on SOFT TV. There’s no embeddable video for that, but it can be found on the SOFT TV Singer Songwriter Series Facebook page.

We had an album launch at the Crazy Elephant that evening, here’s some video from the event!!

Here are some pictures of the festivities!!


Gig posters!!


Gig poster hanging at Memory Lane!


Gig poster hanging at Ar Boy’s TNT Productions. Thanks, Ar Boy!!


The poster’s hanging in the Hear Records store window!!


The day the CD arrived in my house – July 31st!!




Farid got one of the first copies!!


Hangin’ out with Dhalif Ali!!


Goofin’ around with Farid and Trampas!!


Ms Zacquine did the images for The Wurdalak, plus she’s a super friend!!


Izzy did the graphic design! Thanks, Izzy!!


The poster hanging at the Crazy Elephant!!


Our friend Kevin Mathews wrote about us in Today newspaper… and he came to the show!!


We sold fridge magnets!!


Faz and Mohan at SOFT TV.


Val at SOFT TV.


Crazy Elephant!!


Band boys!!


I was so happy that Naoko came out to the gig! She even had a fun time!!

MegalomaniA gig, with Dave Hale!

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Our drummer Val was back in town, so we organised a gig at the wonderful Sportsman bar over beers. A few days before that I found out that my ex-neighbour Dave Hale from the time we lived in Japan would be in town, so he came to the gig! ALL RIGHT!!

This turned out to be the first of only three gigs MegalomaniA played in 2016.

Peter Naoko Dave IMG_0667

Peter Dave IMG_0668

MegalomaniA IMG_0669

MegalomaniA IMG_0670