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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

I recently re-watched Blue Velvet, and discovered that the DVD has some great bonus features!!

A superb mini-world that completely foreshadowed Twin Peaks every step of the way.

Great movie – symbolism made extravagant and obvious, enflamed, spurious!!

Over 50 minutes of newly-discovered footage! A mini-movie!!

- topless girls in a bar with a blues singer, Frank and Jeffrey and gang come in, terrorise some guy and a stripper on a pool table, “love letter”, a girl lights her nipples on fire!!
then goes into chronological order:
- father is discovered by neighbour (toddler’s mom)
- Jeffrey spies on a date rape (of a woman in a blue dress), intervenes, then gets a call from his mom telling him about the father’s illness and getting him to withdraw from school
- awkward farewell from girlfriend at school
- airplane
- pick-up from the airport with Mother & Aunt
- breakfast
- scenes of dread
- new first meeting with Sandy and Mike, Mrs Williams
- Geoffrey borrows car, doctor’s injecting mother
- driving with Sandy, gorgeous and intense scene – Sandy’s falling for him!
- driving up to and entering the Slow Club
- chatting at the table endorsing Heineken (!?!), watching the dog act on stage, then the totally bizarre second act!!
- confrontation with mother after coming home late after the first night at Dorothy’s
- phone call to Louise, who’s now married!
- termite conversation with Aunt Barbara/Mrs Tremayne
- dinner with the Williams & Mike (!?!)
- Aunt Barbara & the termites
- ice cream & coffee & photos with the Williams & Mike
- Aunt Barbara’s termite note
- Frank & Geoffrey on the phone
- Frank & Geoffrey in the windy field
- Geoffrey & Dorothy
- Dorothy’s confrontation with Gordon, takes Geoffrey up to roof, throws red shoes
- post-credits scene – “well, it’s about time you came”
Documentary reveals:
- production early meetings at Bob’s Big Boy
- First casting meetings of Kyle, Isabella
- David wanted Hellen Mirren to play Dorothy
- Isabella’s second Hollywood film!!
- David wanted Dennis, Kyle, Isabella & Lorna, they all got paid peanuts
- David had to take a pay cut to get it done – final cut wasn’t in the contract, but on Dino’s handshake
- Dennis Hopper got out of rehab and did Blue Velvet, Hoosiers & River’s Edge back-to-back!!
- Isabella had no undergarments on for her first scene with Frank Booth
- This Mortal Coil’s song “The Siren” was supposed to be in the movie
- Angelo Badalamenti describes beginning of working relationship with David Lynch, coaxing Isabella to sing
- Isabella Rossellini felt blame for the initial failure of the film
- John Simon’s review!
1.5 minutes of outtakes, including Kyle’s weird eating scene
1.5 minutes of Siskel & Ebert’s review of the film
- coffee shops
- the chicken walk
- the robin
- Sita, Kate Millet
Trailer (1:30)
TV spot 1
TV spot 2
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