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First day back in Singapore!!

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

First day back in Singapore was great! Naoko and Zen slept a lot, but I got busy with organising our 700+ photos and doing my blog posts.

With no food in the fridge, Naoko and I went down to the hawker centre and had a nice lunch – rice and curry (but in this case, actually chicken briyani, not Sri Lanka style, heh heh…). Lazy Zen stayed at home, so we brought him takeaway.

In the afternoon we went swimming in the Sonmerville Park pool, which was great. Even though the vacation is over, we still feel like we’re in an amazing resort, and basically we ARE! I don’t officially go back to work until January 4th, heh heh…

We had a simple dinner on the balcony, which was tremendous fun. After 10 days of eating other peoples’ cooking, Naoko was keen to make her own food, even if it was just a simple pasta gratin (but boy did it ever taste great – Zen noted that it’s probably the best gratin he’s ever tasted of Naoko’s, and I think I agree!).

The sky was perfect at sunset. The air pollution is the lowest I’ve ever seen it – in the 30-36 range, which is low, low low! Let’s hope it stays that way!!

Say… what kind of a crazy person checks the PSI reading when it’s NOT hazy out!?

Incidentally, when we were in Indonesia we found a cool local mask carving that depicts the mask of happiness with a snake and a bird; well, Naoko and my Chinese zodiac signs are snake and bird, respectively, so we took that as a good sign!

Sri Lanka snake bird pic

Tomorrow we go to see Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Yay!!