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Oma & Opa in Singapore, and my 1000th blog post!!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Oma & Opa came to visit us in Singapore, here are some pictures to mark the occasion.

Oh yeah – and I also noticed that this is my 1000th blog post! How time flies!!

Oma Opa Zen

Grandparents & Grandson!!

Oma Opa

The birthday girl!!


Oma's birthday fruit

Oma didn’t want a birthday cake, so we got her a birthday cornucopia of sorts – ripe cherries and perfect strawberries! Tasted better than any cake!!


Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Balcony pic with tripod so all of us could fit in.


Oma Opa

Oma & Opa


Zen Oma

Grandmother & grandson…


Oma Opa Zen Naoko

Oma’s birthday dinner – chicken with cashew nuts!!


Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa

I pulled out the tripod for this pic…