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The Hideous Motör-Apes

Monday, October 31st, 2016

In 2016 MegalomaniA was on hiatus from live performance, except for one in June and two in August (when we launched our album). So I put together two new bands for fun, and one of them is The Motör-Apes, a masked band for Hallowe’en and horror-themed gigs. We had a blast playing Crazy Elephant on Sunday, October 30th and Blu Jaz Cafe on Monday, October 31st! We had a blast!! I even designed a cool logo, and put all sorts of fun stuff on the Facebook page.

Motör-Apes IMG_2615

Motör-Apes imageedit_1_8796706296

The Motör-Apes IMG_3324

Motör-Apes IMG_2621

The Motör-Apes IMG_3542


Wormrot live in concert!!

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

I went to four big album launches in 2016 – The Observatory, Wormrot, Rudra and LC93 (as well as my own band’s album launch, ha ha…), and this one was so cool. Hung out with the band before the show. Opening act I Am David Sparkle also blew me away, but nothing can really prepare you for Wormrot, ha ha…

Tramaps Wormrot IMG_2799

Wormrot IMG_2863

Wormrot IMG_2885

Wormrot IMG_2956

Vinyl Wormrot IMG_3074

Wormrot IMG_2873

Wormrot IMG_2936

Wormrot IMG_2954

Wormrot IMG_2872

Wormrot IMG_2887

Wormrot IMG_2898

Wormrot IMG_2913

Wormrot IMG_2950

Wormrot IMG_2864

Wormrot IMG_2883

Wormrot IMG_2890

Wormrot IMG_2935


Wormrot IMG_2946

Wormrot IMG_2972

Vinyl Wormrot IMG_3076

Wormrot IMG_3006