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MySpace site!

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

We also put up a MySpace page for Supertzar, check it out (I’ve also made one for Peter Hoflich’s Octopus Sun music project – check it out too).


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Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Had a great practice session with my band, Supertzar, last night. After the session we hung out and drank beer, also tried to write some songs. It was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time. Go, Supertzars, go.

Here are some songs from Mark Lim, our guitarist.

Here are some songs from Flo Lee, our bass player.

A model pupil

Monday, November 16th, 2009

I’m so proud of Zen – he was one of two kids in his class of 30 this semester to receive a “model pupil” pin. Here’s a picture of him wearing it on his lapel.


Rush’s first single

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I can’t believe I never knew about this – Rush had a first single, released in 1973, one year before their first LP.

Side A – “Not Fade Away” (Buddy Holly cover)

Side B – “You Can’t Fight It”

Yes, this is terribly geeky, and neither of these songs is very good, but it’s good for completeness’ sake.

Zen’s birthday weekend

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

We had a fun weekend. On Friday I came home late after finishing off the latest issue of our magazine and taking care of a few other things. I had a nice dinner with Naoko and Zen, and then we all went to sleep. Zen was super excited because it was his birthday the next day.

On Saturday Zen woke us up before eight o’clock. He was so excited, he had been talking about his birthday for about 10 months, and now it was finally here – his eighth birthday! Happy Birthday Zen!!!

First we opened up his birthday presents. He got three books from his mama and papa – the first was a storybook by Roald Dahl called Matilda, then there were two picture books – one about the human body, and one about the universe that teaches interesting things about the planets of our solar system. From his Oma and Opa he got two Transformer toys – Starscream, which transforms into a jet, and Grindor, which transforms into a helicopter. Then we went to his art class and then we went to his Kumon class, and then five of his school friends came over to have a birthday party. They played in our apartment for a long time with Zen’s toys, such as his train track, and then they went outside to kick a ball around. We found one interesting thing there – it was a large frog with a smaller frog on his back! We watched him hop around for a while, that was quite interesting. In the evening we hung around watching Ren and Stimpy on the DVD.

Today we went off to Zen’s softball match. His team played two other teams, but they weren’t so successful. The first team was very powerful, so Zen’s team didn’t have a chance. The second team was also good, but Zen’s team tried their best and played some good baseball.

Birthday pictures


Baseball pictures!


Here’s a picture of my desk gnome:


Great weekend

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Wow, what a fun weekend. Friday I worked hard all day, then headed off to a pub to hang out with bankers and other journalists. No entertainment, but good food, good drinks, good people. Saturday I went to Sentosa to hang out with some of the same people (same host) at a golf event. My first time at such an event, I spent a lot of time in the VIP booth eating great food (yummy cheese platter!!!) and meeting people. I took a walk around the golf course as well. Great course, perfectly manicured, lovely soft, shaggy grass. Too bad the port is right there behind the tips of the lovely palm trees.

Went off to see Zen at his school at 7:00. We were supposed to go to a barbecue, but there was a massive downpour so we just went home and watched Ren and Stimpy.

Sunday we hung out in the morning, and went for a long walk to enjoy the cool after-rain air… and to finally do something out-of-doors as a family. In the afternoon I worked, Zen is at softball, the weekend is almost over. Can’t win ‘em all.

Saw the Christmas lights up on Orchard Road on Saturday, which was October 31st, Hallowe’en. They didn’t go up just for Hallowe’en, they’ve actually been up since mid-October. It’s never too early to start celebrating the winter holiday season, especially in snowless Singapore.




Here are some silly videos that Zen and I made on the weekend: