Bite The Hand That Feeds

Hey, got started recently on playing with the Nine Inch Nails file I downloaded recently. That is a file of “Bite The Hand That Feeds,” a song from the recent NIN album “With Teeth.” It’s a pretty good song (maybe the best on the album!), and Trent Reznor made it available in GarageBand format, so that anyone with a recent iMac can take it apart, play around with it, and have fun. I’m trying to put together a reggae version, see if that sounds any good or not.

This week was relatively uneventful after the fun-filled week I had last week, but I did finish off a bottle of duty-free gin – yummy! Went out for drinks after work with office people two nights this week, which was unusual. Wrote four articles, which was nice. I love writing.

Here are some pics of Zen and I at the Science Centre today. They had a bunch of casts made from real dinosaur bones that are kept in the US, but in Singapore it’s quite all rightt to make fanfare about something that’s inauthentic.
Peter by Zen

Another picture that Zen took of me. This one turned out quite nice, I thought.
Zen and dinosaur

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