today is the greatest day that’s ever been

Hey, today was a good day – I took Zen to see the Malaysia train and he saw FIVE trains. That must be a record of some sort!! We came back, had Naoko’s lovely hamburgers, and then got working on stuff. Finally, my DVDs – which had been stalled for four hours – came through and were completed, and we watched some of that before Zen and Naoko went to sleep, great, great, great. It is 12:34, I will go to sleep soon… In the meantime, here are some funny pictures of today.

Here are some great pics of Naoko that Zen took:
Zen took this picture of Naoko 4
Zen took this picture of Naoko 3
Zen took this picture of Naoko 2
Zen took this picture of Naoko

Zen with his new model of the Tokyo Tower. It was a gift from our friend Negishi-san in Tokyo, from the day we visited, but we waited until we came here to assemble it:
Zen Tokyo Tower

Nice pics of Naoko and I that Zen took:
Naoko and Peter
Pete Zen

Zen with his funky Comme Ca du Mode shirt:

We three reservoir dogs: I’m Chris Penn, Christoper is Tim Roth, Christian is… Jonny Lee Miller?
Peter Chris Chris

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