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Monday, February 12th, 2007

Today was a national holiday and I got to watch Evan play soccer today. I’m trying not to be biased, but he was really good! Probably the best player there! I was really amazed, because Nicole often talked about how he didn’t like to do certain things, but this time he was really good the whole time. Many times, he’d steal the ball away from someone else and ended up running into the sidelines because he couldn’t control the ball enough. Really excellent! I’ve got it on video, so I’ll make a digital version of it to send to the family.


Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Evan read his first book yesterday, by reading the title page and the first 2 pages of “Big pig on a dig”. He did very well and managed to get through the 2 pages pretty well, although he lost his concentration near the end. He does know how to read and write all the letters, so it’s just a matter of practice reading sentences. He did very well and today he gets to chose a treat for doing so well last night. We’ll be encouraging it and trying some more tonight. We want to encourage his desire to learn by himself.

Funny Evan quotes

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

We got Evan’s progress book, which lists a few of the things the kids did over the year and there are some quotes from the kids. Some of them are funny and I’ll try to list Evan’s quotes and some of the other quotes which are really funny.

“I am making a robot for Jong Il because I know boys like robots.”

(Winter break) “I went to Hakone, I went in the car. We see lots of nice things there, on the way back I think I got an ice cream. For Christmas I got a sword.”

How can we show we care for plants? “We give them water and show them tricks we can do… I can do lots of things.”

What do we care for outside? “Look after scooters… flowers and tulips!”

What happened to our fish? They died! What can we do? “We should take them to the doctors.”

And then some funny comments from various kids:

“What does `living` mean?”

  • Living people
  • Trees are living
  • Some smokestacks, chimneys on the houses are living
  • Houses are living because people live in the house

“What’s not living?”

  • Very old animals
  • Cut down trees
  • Grass
  • It (grass) is living because it can go up and down
  • (cars)… because it can’t eat food, it don’t have hair
  • (moon)… if you follow it, it moves, when you stop, it doesn’t move