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When we went to Taiwan

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

I woke up with a start. I ate breakfast, and it was cereal. After that, we did packing and I watched a bit of television. Then we jumped in the taxi and we went to the airport. Then we went to Popeye’s fried chicken and we ate a lot and I drank F&N Groovy Grape. We jumped into the airplane and off to Taiwan we went. The airplane landed at Kaohsiung airport. Quickly we jumped into Marcelo’s car, he is a clever person because he knows many things about Taiwan and he lives in Yong Kang. Then we went to Yuki and Paul’s house and we went together to the night market, where there is lots of meat, and we ate a lot, and I wanted to play some games. I won one prize, it was a toy gun (but I left it in Taiwan).

The next day, it was a very cold and very shivering day. It was cold. It was about minus one degrees, I think. Then papa bought for me a jacket and high socks, which were very good. We ate lunch – it was beef noodle soup and dumplings. But it was a different type of dumpling, because it was boiled, not fried. Then we walked to my dad and my mom’s old university school, we saw a cannon and we saw a bridge, plus we saw the place where my mom and my dad met for the first time. We walked to Tainan’s railway train station and later we ate dinner with Judy, Superman, and their mom and dad.

The next day, I immediately took a shower, and I played Wii with Uncle Paul. I played Wii Sports, which was very good for my sports. I learned how to play tennis, golf, baseball, boxing and bowling.

The next day, we woke up at 6:00 AM! We went to the train station and jumped in the train as immediately as we can. We got out of the train 45 minutes later in Chiayi and we met my best friend Yuping, who was the teacher of my father last time and we rushed to the bus stop. We were pretty fast. Then we immediately jumped in the bus and immediately went to Alishan, that is a mountain in the middle of Taiwan. Then I made a Skrawl Bionicle, which you don’t know. In Alishan, we walked a lot and we saw sakura and lots of people and I did a poo in the forest (and maybe some animals will eat it), then we went to the hotel and it was very big. Then we ate cup noodles and watched TV. Then I saw my favourite baseball player, called Suzuki Ichiro. Then I took a bath and slept. I was very very tired.

The next day I woke up in Alishan, we ate breakfast at 7-Eleven (which is my birthday – “it’s a store, and more”). Then, we jumped on the mini train and it was a five minute ride!!! Then we said goodbye to the mini train and we walked a lot again. There were lots of special trees, and there was one that looked like an elephant, and there was one that was 2,700 years old!!! We saw the bear cave, but it wasn’t really a bear cave, it just looked like a bear cave. Then we saw those dancers, there was one dance where they had spears, which is a weapon.

We went in a big bus this time, and we reached Chiayi at 5:30, so we said goodbye to Yuping, then when the train immediately came we immediately jumped in the train. Then we returned to Tainan railway train station and we got in a taxi and the road was really wide. I really loved Alishan, but it was time to go back.

The next day, we went to Yuki’s second house, there were lots of delicious cakes, but you cannot eat them – those were actually made of soap!!! Then we ate dumplings and lots of other things which I can’t remember. We went to a place where there is another cannon, which was really cool. The first cannon I didn’t see the parts, but it looks very cool and it looks like a real cannon, but I don’t know if it was a real cannon. Then we saw lots of fighter jets flying over our heads, those fighter jets came from Taiwan and those fighter jets came from Rende fighter jet airport. Then we saw quite a few temples of Tainan city, we saw quite a few squirrels in one temple, we saw about three squirrels in one tree. We went to a cafe which there is a very very narrow gate!!! Then my mom and my dad drank coffee and I ate cookies, which were very nice. Then mama bought Yuki a present, it was a plant and it was very cute! Then we saw one huge fighter jet, which was very cool, and I think it was taking off from Rende fighter jet airport, but I don’t really know about that. An uncle came, Mr Lim, picked us up and drove us to Judy’s family home, and we saw some carrots and there was an old home and there was only one level. Then we went to Judy’s old primary school and it was very nice. We then went to Judy and Superman’s family home, then we ate dinner together and I played with Superman’s toys, which was very nice, and he had Spiderman toys. And he even had Lego, I didn’t know that Taiwan has Lego!!! We played a bit of Monopoly and Superman gave it to one of Judy’s classmates, instead he didn’t give it to me, he gave it to the older kids. Also Superman gave me something, it was a watch, it was very nice watch, and I will never forget that watch. It was a Batman watch. Then we went to the night market near their home to get a battery for my watch, and I played a game again. Then it was time for us to go back home.

Here is my video tour of Taiwan!!!

Pictures from my trip to Tainan

This house in Anping is 200 years old

Bionicle Skrawl, in Alishan

Our friends in the carrot field in Tainan

China Airlines at Xiaogang airport in Kiaohsiung

This is a picture of me with Marcelo the first time I came to Taiwan – that was exactly seven years ago, when I was zero years old. It was March, 2002, and I was born in November, 2001.