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Going… UP!

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Today I woke up at 7:45 AM – I mean PM (just kidding).  I ate toast for breakfast, brushed my teeth, wore my clothes, studied, and got dressed in record time.  Then we went to the cinema.  The cinema was at West Mall, a part of Bukit Batok.  We watched Up, it was a United States movie about going up.  In the story, there was an old man, but his wife was dead.  He was very sad when his wife died and there were also a lot of balloons for the house to go up to Paradise Falls in South America.  The wife drew a picture of Paradise Falls when she was young, so they always wanted to go there.  And the husband had a very good idea, they put a lot of balloons and went up.  And the movie’s name is, of course, Up.  In Paradise Falls there were a lot of talking dogs, because they had a special collar that helped them talk.  One of those speaking dogs was good, and the other ones were bad.

I felt sad about the movie, because the wife died.  Lots of dogs fell into a river that was just next to the falls.  After that there were some dogs flying planes, driving, and there was one bone in front of them, so when they pressed it bullets shot out of the hole.  There were two holes, so the dogs, when they pressed once, two bullets came out.

The movie was very cool!