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Wake the Living

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Pre-bup -> joint fora pre-bup -> gomi street nose, street sense -> grave appeal honour

Telelight -> feature of fear -> broken bolt size -> goat shave brain

Telling truly, telling old and newness -> fractured gain grain

Broken gate -> healing hell bio-void -> drug skeleton lovely boots

Thinking threnody -> nosy Norton felling, finding, hoping, healing

Lehman Sisters -> wild is the un-wind -> think of the friendly thing

Lending security position sorting financial feel forces, manufacture

Don’t vote, don’t hate, don’t kick the can -> PASLA-ISLA

Through the wall, speaking softly the ogre-some no-heads

Thinking things are thoughtful, so long Solange

ass-ets, ass-et holders -> being, feeling, defensively loved

Seeing loved ones thinking things, going ageless age brain

Great going growing helpful threnody going growing brain

Potentual reg-u-la-tory cha-nges -> chan-ges -> threnody brain

The pain of waking up livne -> this thinking thing likes to eat brains

E-volv-e, e-volv-e -> thinking things, threnody, brains

fancy fancy fancy

fancy fancy fancy

A Problem

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Train A leaves Chicago at 9:00 AM

heading towards New York at 150 miles per hour

Train B leaves New York at 10:00 AM

heading towards Chicago at 110 miles per hour

The world ends at 11:00 AM

When will the two trains meet?

Point of Entopy

Point of Entopy

Gregor’s Amsa

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Who do you love who’s never been born?

Where are the wild things?  In our heads.

What seas can we sail

What mountains can we lavel?

What dragons can we slay?

At rain

At rain


Friday, April 2nd, 2010

“Are you an honest person?”

No matter who you are

The answer is always “yes”.

Chan Ge

Chan Ge