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NEWS: Well, the biggest news is that I finally updated my site, after relying mostly on the blog to convey new thoughts and updates.  How lazy we become when we discover convenient new tools. 

After that, the next-biggest news is that Caveat Emptor Holdings has branched out into music, with the first release of the Caveat Emptor Records imprint called Just So On The Pillow by the "group" Octopus Sun.  Octopus Sun is, of course, the Hoflich family, with me as the main singer, songwriter, loopmeister, arranger, publisher, cover artist, and distributor.  Naoko and Zen both contributed vocals - Naoko sang on two songs (both covers of Spitz songs), and Zen sang and read into the mic with me.  The project is a 3-CD project that is roughly 50/50 on originals and covers.  Click HERE to get more details such as song lists, credits, etc.  

Of course, there is also the newly established Caveat Emptor Video.  Most to of the releases so far have been family-related titles like "The Road To Singapore" (and its prequel "The Road To The Road To Singapore"), "Guest Attack," "Fun-Filled Year 2004," and "Meet The Grandparents."  From our funky Japanese underground series there is the stunning "KBCC*7," "Coa/Ultra Bide," "Half Japanese/TEEM", "Ultra Fxxxers x 3," and "Ultra Fxxxers/Ydestroyde/TEEM."  (more news)

And now back to our reglar programming.
  1. Caveat Emptor Press

descriptions, tables of contents, and samples from 11 CEP works - short stories, novel excerpt, essays, articles, poetry
detailed Caveat Emptor Press overview with links - short stories, novel excerpt, essays, articles, poetry

  1. Caveat Emptor Records - check out "Just So On The Pillow," by Octopus Sun. 
  2. Caveat Emptor Video - a full range of family videos, plus wild live bands from Japan! 
  3. Canadian Studies class
  4. Film:

reviews 1999 to 2002 - not just reviews, but also analysis of underrated films, overrated films, and films to avoid
reviews (2005), reviews (2004), reviews (2003), list of films - 2002, list of films - 2001, list of films - 2000, list of films - 1999
top 101 films of all time
film knowledge test - match the characters to the films
the snob listfilms I haven’t seen and don’t want to see

  1. Gripes
  2. Head Cheese - satirical news articles: local news, international news, entertainment, business, technology, etc.  Dissected, deconstructed, and ridiculed.
              new! latest issue: Head Cheese 11
              back issues: Head Cheese 1, Head Cheese 2, Head Cheese 3, Head Cheese 4, Head Cheese 5, Head Cheese 6, Head Cheese 7, Head Cheese 8: the best of Head Cheese, Head Cheese 9, Head Cheese 10
  3. Japan:

my sumo experience (with 4 sumo images)
Japanese music - Japanese music: intro, CD reviews - over 115 CDs from 78 bands reviewed!  
concert reviews - from the Osaka music scene - 44 shows and over 100 bands reviewed!
travel in Japan - Akame, Ako, Asuka, Kurakuen, Minoh
books and Japan - With 44 books by 34 authors!  

  1. Music : what’s so great about music? 
                Finland links ! Tommi Musturi sent me so many links for the zine that I had to put them on my homepage!
  2. Guitar set list : songs that I have learned how to play since July 2002
  3. Resume:
  4. Photos: (with 8 images
  5. Writing:

stories for hire - where I write stories that you propose to me
thumbnail sketches - where I offer story ideas to anyone who wants to write about them
words - a list of the most amazing words I have ever come across

     11. Zine: Head Cheese Japan zine – issue 2 now out          

     12. Links: links from Japan, Singapore, lit, friends, etc.


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