Octopus  Sun  triple CD "Just So On The Pillow"

So one day last year my PC died.  Big bummer, but what can you do?  So, Apple had just came out with the cool new iMacs, the ones that have all the working innards flattened and fit in behind the flatscreen monitor.  I splurged on one and began to fiddle around with the DVD burning software, launching a series of home DVDs, as well as a bunch of very cool concert DVDs from footage that I had taken in Japan when I lived there.   Check out  the Caveat Emptor Video pages for more info... 

Eventually, I got around to learning the Garageband software, with its accompanying loops, which was REALLY fun!  I got on a roll and recorded about 100 minutes of original music, which was more than what could fit on just one CD, so I decided that the project would be a "double album."  So I started recording a few acoustic covers, the songs that I'd been practicing on the guitar for about three years and were easy enough that I thought I could get away with singing them on record.  I played one song after another, and eventually, there was too much music to fit on two CDs, so it becamse a "TRIPLE ALBUM"!!  I knew that was going to seem pretentious, but if it's the only album I ever produce, I might as well make it pretty extensive.  Playing around with a list of names, like Black Hole, Poe Moe, Whoami, T.G.I.M., Incredibly Dense Extra-Terrestrial Object (I.D.E.T.O), Itchy Knee Sun, Octopus Sun, Pleasant Skulls, Einstein's Lamda (or just "Lamda"), I eventually (and after conferring with friends) settled on Octopus Sun.  For the project title, I had a few other thoughts: Idiot Slumber, Idiot Core, Slumbercore, Ich Bin Ein Jelly Donut, Beautiful and contagious, Just So On The Pillow, As I am, so you were, If chaos is natural, why create order?, Neutral Yonic Machinery, You can't think a typo.  In the end, of course, Just So On The Pillow won the day.  I've sent it out to a few friends, and it's had some feedback.  Let me know if you want a copy. 

My collaborators, Naoko and Zen, as well as the album cover art.

Octopus Sun 1 
Naoko Zen Train  Octopus Sun 2

Song Listings:

 Disc 1
 1. "You Got The Wrong Guy"
 2. Blue Pill/Red Pill
 3. My Song
 4. Thomas the very useful Noise Engine - special guest Zen Hoflich
 5. Love Profusion (acoustic) (OA Madonna)
 6. Casuitry
 7. If chaos is natural, why create order?
 8. Strummin'
 9. Country Zen - special guest Zen Hoflich
 10. "Perfect Human World"
 11. the Mercy Seat (acoustic) (OA Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
 12. Hanemono (acoustic) (OA Spitz) - special guest Naoko Hoflich
 13. Z-E-N Song - special guest Zen Hoflich
 14. Green Eggs and Zen - special guest Zen Hoflich
 15. Find The River/I'm a Little Dinosaur (acoustic) (OA R.E.M./Jonathan Richman) - special guest Zen Hoflich
 16. Sabbath Funky Sabbath (OA Black Sabbath)
 17. Idiot Slumber
 18. Warrior Goddess
 19. Your Hundred Guesses

 Disc 2
 1. NOISE!!
 2. 60 bpm song
 3. Je t'aime (acoustic) (OA Spitz) - special guest Naoko Hoflich
 4. Especially, Perhaps
 5. (Take Me Home) Country Roads (acoustic) (OA Spitz) - with special guest Zen Hoflich
 6. the Warden Wanders Watanabe
 7. Just and Benevolent Ruler
 8. Stigmata (OA Ministry)
 9. then... as magically as it thad... it was...
 10. Wicked Game (acoustic) (OA Chris Isaak)
 11. 90 bpm song

 Disc 3
 1. the One I Love (acoustic) (OA R.E.M.)
 2. Never Talking To You Again (acoustic) (OA Husker Du)
 3. the Ketchup Song (acoustic) (OA Stomin' Tom Conners)
 4. Juanita (acoustic) (OA Gram Parsons)
 5. Redemption Song (acoustic) (OA Bob Marley)
 6. Tong Ku De Ren (acoustic) (OA Wu Bai)
 7. Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye (acoustic) (OA Leonard Cohen)
 8. Tequila Sunrise (acoustic) (OA the Eagles)
 9. Mad World (acoustic) (OA Tears For Fears)
 10. Cause Cheap Is How I Feel (acoustic) (OA Cowboy Junkies)
 11. Suzanne (acoustic) (OA Leonard Cohen)
 12. Dead Flowers (acoustic) (OA the Rolling Stones)
 13. the Story of Isaac (acoustic) (OA Leonard Cohen)
 14. Millionaire (acoustic) (OA the Mekons)
 15. Apeman (acoustic) (OA the Kinks)
 16. Suicide Is Painliess (acoustic) (OA Johnny Mathis)
 17. Hurt (acoustic) (OA Nine Inch Nails)
 18. Brimful of Asha (acoustic) (OA Cornershop)
 19. Pocahontas (acoustic) (OA Neil Young)
 20. Wish You Were Here (acoustic) (OA Pink Floyd)
 21. Famous Blue Raincoat (acoustic) (OA Leonard Cohen
 22. Me and Bobby McGee (acoustic) (OA Kris Kristofferson)
 23. Misguided Angel (acoustic) (OA Cowboy Junkies)
 24. Turn The Page (acoustic) (OA Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band)
 25. Highway Patrolman (acoustic) (OA Bruce Springsteen)
 26. So Long Marianne (acoustic) (OA Leonard Cohen)
 27. the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (acoustic) (OA Gordon Lightfoot)