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    Evan loves playing “which hand” with us, where he puts something into his hand and offers us both closed hands to choose from. I used to do this with him with the blue-tack (sticky poster gum) and now he’s doing it with us. He’s also quite sneaky, he’ll put the hand that we chose and […]

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  • Favourite books

    Evan’s got a few favourite books. They are: Harry McLarry The Apple-Tree (Lynley Dodd) Grandma is wonderful Hand, hand, fingers, thumb Any Dr. Seuss book

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  • Kisses

    Evan loves getting kisses at night. He usually wants another kiss even after turning off the lights and closing the door. Sometimes he calls us back 4-5 times before we insist it’s the last kiss. He’s so cute.

  • Rice bubbles

    Evan came up with a new word today – rice bubbles. Not sure where he got it from, as neither Nicole or I taught him it. Maybe he’s picked it up from the Montessori, or maybe from TV.

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  • Tricycle

    Evan can ride his tricycle now, which surprised me because he never really seemed to get the drift of it. He likes hooning around the patio screaming and bumping into things. Maybe his legs are long enough now (he’s 105 cm tall) to be able to move the pedals. He also has trouble starting up, […]

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  • Throwing things

    Evan’s taken to throwing things at doors, whenever we try to give him a time-out. Not good. Today he threw the cordless ‘phone at the door, when I had to talk work with people on the mobile. How do we give him time-out discipline, if he will just find something on the opposite side of […]

  • Yes!

    Evan’s so funny. He’s taken to using the word “Yes”, very clearly enunciated. He used to say “Yeah”, “yep”, “Yup” or a german-sounding “Ja”. I shouldn’t be complaining about the proper use of the english language, but it does make me look bad!

  • Monkey-boy

    Evan likes to call himself monkey-boy, which is what I usually call him when I first get home from work. I think it’s because he acts like a big monkey when I get home. He’ll do silly things like kick his head back and scream loudly, or spin around, or jump on the furniture. I […]

  • Welcome to Evan’s blog

    Welcome to Evan’s blog. I’ve decided it’s high time Evan had his own blog. This way, we can quickly and easily tell you about how Evan’s developing, and maybe someday he can pick this up on his own to share his thoughts.

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    Hi everybody, well, I finally decided to get Evan a blog. This way, Nicole or I can post information on Evan’s development easily and quickly. Cheers, Ralph

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