• Another molar lost

    Today Evan lost another molar. His second molar lost now. He saved his last tooth too, so this weekend’s tooth fairy run is going to be a jackpot for him!!!

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  • Player of the day

    Evan got player of the day today in the last Rugby game of the season. He did have a good game – he played half-back, a position he was moved into a few weeks back. Originally he wasn’t sure whether he liked it, but I think he likes the running and flexibility to run, kick […]

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  • Lost first molar

    Evan lost his first molar this weekend. It’s quite a big tooth. Evan still hasn’t put it under his pillow, I think he’s thinking he might try to get another tooth and get double the money!!!

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    Rob did an awesome job and got sponsorship from Placemakers and Gib for the rugby team’s jackets. Every player got a free jacket plus their name embroidered on it! Looks awesome! Here’s Evan sporting the jacket: From Rugby May 2012 From Rugby May 2012 The green Mohawk hair was from the day before’s Crazy Outfits […]

  • Player of the day

    Evan got player of the day for the Orange team today! He scored his first try ever as well! He had some really good runs and tackled fairly well. He made a big run and went to ground, but was able to offload and get the ball to a teammate who got the try. Awesome! […]

  • First rugby game

    Evan played his first rugby game on Saturday and did pretty well. He didn’t score a try or anything but did help out with a few assists. The team won 19-2 so they won quite convincingly. There are some really strong players on the team but they seemed to take the ball themselves mostly, where […]

  • Sportsmans award

    Evan won the sportsman award for his softball team last night. I wondered whether he’d win something and he was lucky and did! He’s really chuffed and I’m very proud of him!

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  • Evan’s 10th birthday party

    Although Evan doesn’t turn 10 until tomorrow, we had his birthday party on Saturday and Sunday (today). He had Donovin, Connah and Simon over, and had a great time and slept over. They threw water balloons at each other and got really wet in the rain. Then we had food, cake and hunkered down to […]

  • Lost second molar

    Evan lost his second molar now – the left one. This time the tooth fairy gave him $3.50! Just for it being such a big tooth!

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  • Lost front right canine

    Evan finally lost that front right canine tooth. Took a really long time to come out, but it finally came out with no fuss. Right after camp too, which is great. Would have been a bit of a pain to have had it out during camp.