Hakone trip

We went to Hakone today and we had brilliant weather. The highway 1 down to Odawara is simply beautiful and we all enjoyed singing in the sun and looking at the lovely water.

We went to Gora first to have some lunch in a yummy soba/udon shop. Then we took the cable-car up the hill to where we could catch the rope-way (gondola) to the summit. The kids enjoyed the rope-way and didn’t seem too impressed with the cable-car, probably because we’ve been on a few in the last few days!

At the top of the rope-way was an amazing site of volcanic crater and sulfur steams rising out of the rocks. Quite an impressive sight. The view of Fuji-san was brilliant and we took probably too many pictures.

A long queue of people made their way to a hut on the hill, so we decided to go there as well. It turns out that that was where they boiled the Hakone eggs. These eggs are boiled in the sulfur water of the natural springs, and the sulfur turns the eggs black. We bought 6 of them to try them out and they sure are black. Jet black on the outside, and once opened, the insides of the shells are completely white, so it’s quite a contrast when shelling the eggs. The eggs were still warm when we got them (500 yen) and they tasted very delicious! Apparently eating them extends your life by 7 years! Yah!

There are some photos on the photos page.

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