New Years

Last night we went over to Ann’s and Janni’s place for a New Years celebration. There was far too much food and a lot of drink which went down very well indeed. The kids went crazy around the house and they had lots of sweet food and fizzy drink (cola). Since we wanted to celebrate the new year together, the kids went to bed upstairs. Evan fell asleep pretty quickly at around 10:30, but Lauren was still awake at around 11:15. She was sharing the room with Andreas and those two were talking and throwing teddy bears at each other, while Evan slept. Once we separated the two, they both fell asleep.

We chatted until around 11:30 and then turned on the tele to watch the traditional Japanese new years celebrations. SMAP won the “contest” for the evening, whatever that means. I think they’ve been around for, like, 14 years or something.  Interestingly, at 11:45 or so, they play “Auld lang syne” on the TV, which I always associate with the new year coming in, and there were antics that looked like the new year had come, even though it was 15 minutes left! Anyways after that, at around 11:45 they switched to some ceremonies at some temples around Japan. Quite interesting, but it certainly put a damper on things. After the new year arrived, we chatted and drank some more, Julia threw up on her mother and we watched the Chinese celebrations on the Chinese channel. Annie’s Chinese, so she could understand it, but the celebrations were quite different to that of the Japanese ones. Anyways, quite interesting. We got home at around 2am or so, and the kids were up at 8.

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