Soleil Hill (ソレイユの丘)

We went to ソレイユの丘 the other week (soleil hill) which was really great! It’s a big open farm area, with ponds, sunflowers and animals to play with. There were some rides and a big pond that the kids could swim and frolic in. I think there are some additional educational activities, such as planting flowers or veggies, or handling animals. It was also pretty well free, apart from the parking charge. The rides had to be paid for, but the pond and the animals were all free to play in or play with. There was a small restaurant there and Evan really wanted to go on the swan ride (足こぎボート – paddleboat) so we did that and had a good time. They also had some strange country-music playing in the grand-stand, complete with line-dancing, cowboy hat wearing, cowboy-boot wearing Japanese line dancers. So wierd. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely place, right by the Zushi beach.
Here’s the website if anybody is interested:

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