Otsukaresama deshita

We finished our project a few weeks ago and have been cleaning up the last of the faults. Today we had our Final Acceptance, where the customer agrees to close the project and remaining issues are handled by the support agreement. I said a little thank-you at the end thanking everybody for their hard work and then I also said a bit in Japanese at the end. I think the customer was happy with my attempt to speak Japanese to them, even if I forgot a few words “gokatsuyaku, gokatsuyaku, gokatsuyaku, gokatsuyaku, gokatsuyaku…”. I didn’t include the part that Will said I should say (“Watashi no oshiri sawate kudasai” (please fondle my bottom) ) nor did I say what Sahara-san taught me (“Watashi wa debeso desu” (I am a sticky-outtie bellybutton)). We have drinks with the customer next week, so perhaps it will come out then (particularly if we have lots of sake or shochu).

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