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Baby lamb being born

Monday, August 29th, 2011

We went out with the Korean students out to Omana park, since we had the time on the weekend. We quite like going out that way as the scenery is great and it’s a good mix of farm and ocean.

We went walking around the paddocks, hanging out with the sheep and the newly born lambs.

We spotted one sheep who was bleeding at the back and looked to be in quite a bit of distress. We saw that she was having contractions pretty regularly – something like every 20 seconds or so, so I suggested we wait and see what happened. Lauren and the girls weren’t too interested, so they went on ahead, but Evan, Nicole and I stayed behind to see what was going to happen with the sheep.

The sheep lay down and got up a few times and then once when the sheep got up, there on the ground was a baby lamb! Amazing. Literally in front of our eyes, we saw a baby being born! Evan was quite interested in it all, but seemed more interested to understand what was going to happen to the placenta etc. We talked about the birthing process a fair amount and Evan was quite mature about it. We explained why the Mummy was licking the baby and why it was so important for the baby to stand up. Sure enough, within 15 minutes, the baby was standing, walking around and mostly dry from the event.

Lauren and the girls came back, but didn’t seem too interested – possibly a bit grossed out.

A miracle happening right in front of us!

End to second season of football

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Evan’s last game of football was on Saturday and the team has really started to develop. We held our own against the rep team. The team photos at the end were really amazing:

From Football pictures


Monday, August 29th, 2011

Evan and Lauren had long talked about getting a dog or cat and since Nicole’s allergic to dogs and cats, we didn’t seriously entertain the thought, but we did start to look into getting a guinea pig or rabbit.

The other day we bit the bullet and bought a rabbit hutch which was on sale. It’s a bit of a mansion and indeed is called “Rosewood manor”. :)

From Rabbits and Netball

Today we picked up two rabbits that the kids love. The kids were ecstatic about the rabbits and each naturally preferred one or the other of the pair. Evan liked a black rabbit, while Lauren liked the white rabbit.

The kids have been having fun all day getting food for them, petting them etc. Overall, I think a good thing.

From Rabbits and Netball
From Rabbits and Netball