Month: August 2011

  • Baby lamb being born

    We went out with the Korean students out to Omana park, since we had the time on the weekend. We quite like going out that way as the scenery is great and it’s a good mix of farm and ocean. We went walking around the paddocks, hanging out with the sheep and the newly born […]

  • End to second season of football

    Evan’s last game of football was on Saturday and the team has really started to develop. We held our own against the rep team. The team photos at the end were really amazing: From Football pictures

  • Rabbits

    Evan and Lauren had long talked about getting a dog or cat and since Nicole’s allergic to dogs and cats, we didn’t seriously entertain the thought, but we did start to look into getting a guinea pig or rabbit. The other day we bit the bullet and bought a rabbit hutch which was on sale. […]