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Evan finished his first book

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Evan finished his first book yesterday – A series of unfortunate events (first book). His teacher started reading the first book, so I guess he didn’t read it end-to-end, but he finished it nevertheless and has already asked for the second book from his teacher. It’s great that he’s really getting into reading. We’ve always had books lying around and it seems like he’s really picking up on that. We always have Asterix and Obelix books lying around, and Lauren loves to read/look at them. Evan’s starting to get into those books too.

Last weekend we were leaving the Howick library, when I noticed there were Asterix and Obelix books for sale, so we picked up 6 of them. 50cents each – pretty good value, even if they’re beat up a bit.

Player of the game

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Evan won player of the game again this past Saturday. Evan had 2 solo goals, as a defender, basically taking the ball from deep in their own half, around all the players on the outside and kicking a narrow angle on the goal and scoring! He was red hot!

Matthew also scored, giving the team a 3-1 win overall, which was great for everybody’s spirits. I was really proud of Evan!