My new glasses

This week, I broke my glasses because they were very weak at the nose part and the nose pads snapped off. So, me and mama went to buy new glasses. After one hour of travellng in the bus, we finally came to Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, Singapore. I tried on about 10 pairs of glasses, the person in the shop said that “if you’re doing softball or any other sports, you should put on hooks and glasses that won’t easily break”, so I knew what he said and chose glasses without hooks or with hooks, but if it’s a metal frame you can’t put on the hooks. The glasses we’ve bought are red in the frame and blue on the nose pads and all those things. Also, we added hooks. The person in the shop said that my left eye got worse than before. After spending a lot of money on the glasses, we went to Toys “R” Us, I bought Lego with my money. It cost $72.90, it’s called “Battle For Geonosis”. ¬†After buying that we went home.

This week, I was unlucky, because my glasses’ nosepad broke, I got hit by a soccer ball onto my face. But other good things happened: I bought Lego Star Wars, and I also finished reading the last Harry Potter book. I read the The Philiosopher’s Stone in three days, I read The Chamber of Secrets in two days, I read The Prisoner of Azhkaban in four days, The Goblet of Fire in four days, Order of the Phoenix one week, Half-Blood Prince three days, and Deathly Hallows two days. I read the last one quickly because it was very very exciting and I could not put the book down. And, on Friday night we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie.

This week, two evenings my papa came back from work early, and we could go swimming together, even though it was quite late, like 7:00 PM.

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