Hooray for Harry!

Recently, I’ve been stuck in reading Harry Potter.  I’ve read the first six books, and I am going to get the seventh one soon. I love Harry Potter because it is exciting. The moral of the story is determination, courage, power. After I read the six books, I finally found out that there was something fishy going on about Professor Snape, so I am going to tell you everything in the first six stories. Well, part of it.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – I forgot how the battle was going on, I remember the two-headed mirror. When Harry was one year old, his father and mother, James and Lilly Potter, got killed by the most powerful evil wizard in this century, Lord Voldemort. They were killed by Voldemort because he had a very powerful spell, called Avada Kadavra, a power that could kill a person instantly. After Lilly and James Potter died, Harry was brought to his aunt and uncle’s house, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, along with his cousin Dudley.

Dudley was a very cheeky boy and wanted almost anything. He would receive about 30 presents on his birthday, and would get more I am sure at Christmas. Meanwhile Harry, on the other hand, got nothing on his birthday and Christmas. He didn’t even get a birthday card or anything. But this one person named Hagrid came to look for him, and he was twice the size of a normal man. When Hagrid found him, Harry was told to go to this magical school named Hogwart’s. When they arrived at Hogwart’s School, Harry went to the ceremony as they always do at Hogwart’s school, and he went to the sorting hat and he was put in Griffindor. The houses are Griffendor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, all named after the great wizards and witches.  Afteer that Harry met Ron and Hermione. Hermione is a clever girl who has a lot of knowledge about magic. Ron is also quite clever, but I will think that Hermione is more clever. Also, Harry had a great inspiration in defense of the dark arts. The dark arts is about Voldemort and those things, but I don’t really think it’s necessary when I first read the book because Voldemort died, or so I thought in the beginning. When he was in Griffindor, he met a Slytherin boy named Draco Malfoy, along with his friends Crabbe and Goyle. They both disliked Harry, Ron and Hermione because, I don’t know but they hated them for one reason. I guess they disliked Hermione because she is a Mudblood. That is when a witch or wizard marries to a Muggle, which is a mortal or a person who cannot do any magic. Several days later, during a feast, Hermione was not at the feast, so Harry and Ron Weasley went to look for her.  Then suddenly Quirrell, the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, came in and complained “blah blah blah escaped from the blah blah blah.” Just read the book or watch the movie and you will know. Then the so-called blah blah blah got Hermione in the girl’s bathroom, and Harry and Ron did a magical spell, and after that the troll’s club went off of its hand and it wanted to strike Harry, so Ron did some magic and the troll’s club went above the troll’s head and banged him on the head and he fainted. Harry’s want went into one of the troll’s nostrils, it was disgusting. Ever since that attack, Hermione finally understands what it was that you’re talking about, just watch the movie or read the book and you will understand. In the end, Harry went and his friends HErmione and Ron, just in case you don’t know, went to this dungeon where they faced a three-headed gigantic dog. After escaping, they faced a gajillion snakes, but they got out. I think that the snakes were trying to tell them to relax and the snakes would let go of them, but ROn did no relax. So after escaping the gajillion snakes, Harry found that there was a chessboard. After the chess game, Ron got hurt and asked Hermione to take him to the hospital wing. After that, Harry went on and he found the Philosopher’s Stone, but also Quirrel, the Defense of the Dark Arts teacher. After he took off his turban, he found out that Quirrell had two faces, one was his own and one was Lord Voldemort’s which explains who was drinking the unicorn blood. So when Harry put his hands on Quirrell’s body, he began to dissolve, and after he dissolved Lord Voldemort’s soul came out and he escaped. After seeing what happened, Harry fainted and then Ron and Hermione came back.

This story is very exciting, but not as good as The Prisoner of Azkhaban and the Goblet of Fire.

Oh yeah, I will be writing on my blog after I see The Chamber of Secrets, bye!

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