My trip to Japan, Winter, 2010-2011

When we were going to Japan, the flight was at about 1:30 AM when we took off. ┬áBy the time we were flying, it was very dark. I did a bit of game in the morning, and got some sleep, about three hours sleep. Then when we arrived in Japan, we took a limousine bus all the way to Himeji, it took about two hours. When we got there, my grandmother and grandfather were there waiting with their car. Then we got to our grandparents’ house and we ate lunch. Because the next day was a public holiday, my parent took me to River City, a shopping mall in Japan, a big one, and my grandfather and grandmother bought me a toy. It was a Lego fighter from the Star Wars series. The day after that was my first day in school. It was very cold. I did not remember my teacher’s name, so I was very embarrassed. Her name is Mrs Murakami. When my friends saw me outside of the staff room, they were shouting with joy, and I made new friends at that time too. On that day it was 18 degrees Celsius. On the next day we had exercise class and we did all sorts of things. Mostly we did relays with the class and we tried our very best. On December 1st there was a “marathon” held for the whole school, but of course some people didn’t take part because they were sick, or they got some injuries. It is called a “marathon”, but it means about running long distances, we ran about 1.5 kilometers. When the marathon ended, I ended up being 48th position out of 100 kids. I informed my mother and my grandmother and grandfather that I was 48th position, they were very proud of me, I won a big bag of potato chips, I was very happy.

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