I saw a movie with my papa – “Despicable Me”

I woke up at 7:15 sharp. I did my Chinese Kumon homework, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, wore my clothes, combed my hair, and went to Toh Tuck Road at 9:40 to catch a taxi to go to West Mall to see “Despicable Me”. I was thinking that we missed one bus, but then my father remembered this – if we go by bus, we will find a long queue at the movie theatre when we arrive, so we should take a taxi. When we got to the cinema, I was surprised that there wasn’t a long queue, plus we were too early. We had to kill time for about 40 minutes, so we walked around in the fourth and fifth and third floors of West Mall. Our seat numbers were in row I, seats 7 and 8.

When we got inside the theatre, my father told me this joke:

“What number is your seat?”
“Really, what did you eat?”

It was joke, because my seat number was I-8 – it sounds like “I ate”.

In Despicable Me, there were the minions, the professor Dr Nefario, Gru, and Vector, the number one villain, and three little girls. When I saw the beginning, there was a boy called Justin, he ran into the entrance and stole the pyramid On the news it said that he almost stole everything, but luckily they protected the ancient great buildings. It was very interesting. That was just the prologue. The first chapter, Gru found a boy who had dropped his ice cream and he looked very sad. Then Gru came up with an idea, he took a balloon, he pumped it and made it into a dog shape. He gave it to the boy, but then took a pin and poked the balloon and it burst on the boy’s mouth. Gru went to a fast food restaurant, he saw that everyone was queueing up, so he took an ice ray and shot all the people and they became ice so that he could become the first. After that, we saw a small car, a bigger car, and a gigantic car, the gigantic car was Gru’s car, but the other two belonged to strangers. After that, he found that his pet was on the couch and it was sleeping, it was a very funny type of dog because its lower jaw was in front and it was very scary, I would not think of having that type of dog. Gru met the three small girls I mentioned just now and he said that he wasn’t at home, but actually he was. Then he set off to the Bank of Evil, where there is a secret passage in the toilet. I hope that in the future there won’t be a secret passage bank. Then he showed the final idea to the boss, but then the boss said that he needs a shrinking ray to steal it. But then some testers had the shrinking ray, so Gru had to take it away, but then the testers were already trying some tests on a gigantic elephant that became small and had to eat the bananas. When Gru snatched the shrinking ray, Vector, the number one villain was also on the target of stealing the shrinking ray. Gru was able to take the shrinking ray and escape, but their troubles were not over yet. Vector, the number one villain, had his vehicle on top of Gru and landed on the top and stole the shrinking ray. Vector, the number one villain, managed to steal it, but Gru didn’t really give up that easily. He took all of his missiles and launched them at once, but but Vector used some guns to destroy the missiles, so he managed to escape and he took the shrinking ray and shank Gru’s vehicle, so the vehicle became very very small.

Vector had a mansion that was so big and had cameras sticking over it. Gru wanted to take the shrinking ray, but then Vector took some boxing gloves and punched his butt until he went to the ground, and then he took some missiles and shot him all over, and then there was a big cloud of smoke coming out from it. When he went back, the three little girl orphans who came to Gru’s mansion asked if they could stay with him. When he let them in, he made some rules: Rule number one, don’t touch anything. The eldest one asked “Can we touch the floor?” Yes, you can. “Can we touch the air?” Yes, you can. Then the youngest one said “can we touch this?” She touched the disintegrator ray. Then the second-youngest one used the disintegrator ray to destroy the youngest girl’s unicorn doll. Then the second-youngest said “oh oh.” The youngest one was holding her breath until she got a new one. The father had to work a lot, so he said that he won’t be there until six hours later.

Gru was very mean to the girls, but later he became nicer, and he loved them. But one day the orphanage’s head came and gave back the Spanish dictionary and in return he had to give back the three little girls. So they had to go back. In the end, Gru went to the moon and used the shrinking ray to steal the moon. He succeeded and went back to the Earth. When he looked at his clock, he saw that it was already 4:12, and the orphans’ dance recital would already begin. When he came back, he saw that it was already finished and he saw a note, and when he turned it over it said “Vector.” So he knew that they were kidnapped by Vector, so he rushed to Vector’s home and and gave the moon to Vector. Finally, he saved the orphans and Vector was on the moon and he wore a helmet.

My feeling about this movie is that it was very funny because the Minions were so stupid in the movie.

After the movie, we went to Botak Jones American food restaurant in Clementi. I ate a hamburger called Botak Burger, and some French fries. It didn’t taste as good as Bar Bar’s burger, but it was okay. After that we wanted to go buy clown fish, but they didn’t have any. I was so disappointed. We went to the wet market, but the fish shop there also didn’t sell any. We will try again next Saturday.

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