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Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Every Saturday I have art class. Every time we will draw a different kind of picture. We usually draw people and buildings.  Once we even drew a bird standing on a plant, and below it there were three fish, and lots of flowers.  The bird has a red beak, yellow feathers, orange wings, and a pink tail.  I thought I could get A+ for this picture, but actually my teacher gave me an A.  My mother chose this picture as the best, and she put it into one of the frames and hung it on the wall in my room.

Three frogs are going to sing, and their children are cheering them on.   One of the frogs is singing, the second frog sat down there with a sad smile, and the third one laughed at the first frog who is singing.  I really like this picture a lot, it is one of my favourites.

There are two pupils sweeping the classroom.  There is a small chair and a desk for the pupils to study.  There is a window like a jail, and there is a fish tank that is shaped like Mount Fuji.

There is a cup, shampoo, a tissue box, and a treasure box.  The cup has a lot of bees and flowers, the bees are flying around to drink nectar to fill their stomachs, and after that they will be able to make honey from it.   The shampoo has some paper on it, its pump is brown and the bottle is red.  The paper is orange.  The treasure box has a lot of different things: there is a flower with zig zags and two circles beside it

I don’t really like this picture, because it is so ugly.  It is ugly because I drew a line and the blue paint was over it.

This painting is very interesting because there is seaweed around the six fish.  Two of them are sticking together, two of them are talking together, and one is swimming around the five fish.  This is my dad’s favourite picture because it is very difficult to draw fish in water, and he says it is very good – it really looks like the fish are in that water.

The people are watching a parade, there are three types of flags: Singapore, Japan and the USA.  I drew this picture by myself for Singapore’s birthday on August 8th, 2009.  There is a person with some parachutes, he is landing.  The Indian boy is talking to the Chinese girl.  They even drew some flowers for decoration.  A lot of people are watching them as they go onto the stage, it looks very scary.  The fighter jet is passing by the parade, and the pilot is just looking down.  I drew this because it was Singapore’s 44th birthday.

There is a lemon, a pumpkin and a wax gourd.  This wasn’t so difficult for me to draw, but it took more than one hour, it took about one hour and fifteen minutes.  I drew tic-tac-toe because I really like tic-tac-toe.

I drew a jaguar, a rabbit and a snake.  The snake is very colourful, so it should be very poisonous.   I did not know how to draw the rabbit, so I drew it half black and half orange, it doesn’t look so good to me.  The jaguar is sitting on top of a branch, it must be searching for its prey.

In this picture, there is a boy and a dog running in the park.  I think they are running in West Coast Park in Singapore.  There are lots of buildings, so it should be near a city.

There are four rabbits and a boy.  The boy is giving a carrot to the rabbit.  The rabbit wants to get it.

There are two boys, they are exercising and their home is near them.  They have a radio with them.  There are high rise flats, and some people put some laundry on the sticks and hung them up outside of their windows.  I hope they will not fall into the bushes.

There is a boy going back home.  A girl doesn’t have her umbrella, so the boy shared his umbrella with the little girl.  There are four buildings near the boy and the girl.  “Fish ‘n’ Co” is the name of a restaurant in Singapore.  I think it is a good painting and drawing because they look handsome and neat and the pictures of the buildings are good.

This one I drew by myself, no teacher helped me so I drew a Singapore Airlines painting.  But it was no good.  I think I got a B- for this picture.  There is a sea under an airplane, the airplane is heading for Osaka Kansai International Airport.

I drew a Singapore Airlines airplane again because I like it.  The plane is going to take off, because it is going very fast.  This is a Boeing 747.  I did it all by myself, but not the colouring – my father did the colouring.

There is a papaya, a lotus root, some carrots and some radish and an ear of corn in a basket.  There are lines so there are many different colours, but I don’t know what you call this.  I like this painting because it has different colours.

There are three cats at the bus stop.  There is a bus driver coming to a bus stop.  I think this is Paris because there is an Eiffel Tower.  I like this painting because it’s in France.DSC01859.jpg

There are some snakes in a zoo, those are poisonous snakes and some snake eggs.  Some of them are hatching.  The kids are looking at the snakes from outside of the enclosure because if they are in the cage they can’t escape easily.  One snake is going up the tree because it wants to catch a bird for its prey, and one of them is curling around, and there are baby snakes following a mother snake.  I like this painting because it has snakes and it is very wonderful.

There is two ways – one of them is the zoo, and the other is the beach.  The truck is going to the zoo with a giraffe, an elephant and a lion.  The lion is roaring loudly because it wants to escape and the elephant is yelling for help, and the giraffe is staying still because he doesn’t want to make any noise.  So the driver controlling the car cannot concentrate.  I like this picture because it’s the right size for me.  But the teacher thinks it’s too small.

It is now Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore.  There is a table with a grandmother holding a stick, and a barbecue pit.   There are some lanterns hanging around the neighbourhood.  Some people are walking around the neighbourhood to show what they have in their hands.  There is a bench for people to sit down and pond for people to splash water at each other.  I like this picture because it is now Mid-Autumn Festival.