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Sunday, May 17th, 2009

I woke up with a start, and then I went into my mama and papa’s bed. It was after 10:00, oh no! I slept too long!! I couldn’t go to see Star Trek!!! But papa told me we can go next week, so after I cried a little bit, I cheered up. We can go to see Star Trek next week, then.

Then we ate breakfast and played Bionicle. After that I did my Japanese homework and we played Bionicle again. I ate my favorite food, Cup Ramen! It was delicious, VERY delicious!! Then we played Bionicle again. This time we used another guy. It was Tua Gali and Photok. We got ready for softball, and off we went, faster than a cat in a rat race. We got a taxi and it was only $6, but it was a bit expensive. When we reached there, the uncle went inside until the staircase, where I got down. Then I helped the other children do some things, and we did a little bit of exercise. Then we did softball. I did it with the teacher in charge of the Coconuts. When I dropped the ball, we had to do it from the start again. When, finally we got to 10, it was great. And we did a bit of rest. Then I caught two fly balls. They were very hard to catch in my glove. You cannot even drop the ball, or else you’ll still have to do it once more. And we rested again. Then we did batting and catching. I was excited. I LOVE doing softball. We rested once more. Finally, it was the last rest, and soon I could go home. We had a competition between fathers and children. The fathers and mothers almost won, but we beat them. And, it was time to go home. We took a taxi home, faster than a cat in a rat race.

We went for swimming lesson, it was the last time. I felt sad, because I miss them so much. Coach taught me lots of things.

We headed home and then went to Beauty World Plaza and ate pizza, dumplings, soup, and rice with some meat.

We headed back home to my house and ate sweets that Dennis the coach gave me. I watched “Battle Plan” and “Monsters Inc.” Then it was time to go to sleep. But first, I need to wear my pajamas and brush my teeth and wash my face.

I lost a front teeth this week, it looks very new.