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Monday, September 13th, 2010

This weekend we had soccer awards and I gave away some awards to the team.

Dominic won the sportsperson of the year (most improved player) for the team and Jacob (H) won the player of the year.

All the kids got a medal for the season and a photo of the team. Evan looks a bit funny in his picture – he’s craning his neck for some reason.

I was also very chuffed to find out that Jacob (H) also won the Chris Boyd award, which is a single trophy for all year 8 kids. I could tell he was really happy with it and I was really pleased that my recommendation for him was considered by the Fencibles league. Very cool! It does mean however that Jacob got 3 trophies, so maybe that could have been distributed a bit better. I did ask the fencibles people to let me know if they were planning to give it to Jacob, since I had him eyed for the player of the year, but they never got back to me. When Stu was reading out the reasons why the person who was going to get the Chris Boyd award, I was remarking to Nicole how I thought it sounded a lot like what I wrote to Stu about – and sure enough, it was pretty well verbatim! Nevertheless, I’m really happy for him.