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Thursday, July 8th, 2010

I’ve unfortunately been spending a bit of time in Australia for work things. The flight schedule is not so great – leaving 9pm at night and getting in at midnight in Melbourne (2am NZ time!) and then flying back at 6am (at airport at 4am – Ugh). The other weekend I was flying into Auckland and I could easily see the runway below – not very far away. I reckoned we were about 10-20 seconds from landing, when suddenly, we accelerated and ascended! All sorts of crazy thoughts went through my mind, like there’s a problem with the runway, to something wrong with our landing gear etc. It turns out we were redirected to Wellington due to fog on the runway etc. Considering how close we were to landing, I thought it was a bit crazy, but anyways, that’s what happened.

We got to Wellington, refueled and then took off again. Probably about 1hr delay in Wellington, then the return trip of 2 hours, meant I got home 4pm instead of 1pm – it really knocked out a bunch of my weekend. Fortunately for me (not for Evan), soccer was canceled that day, so at least I didn’t miss seeing my favourite team in the world play soccer – Evan’s team!