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Japanese Language Proficiency Test #3

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I wrote the JLPT #3 on the weekend and it was pretty tough. The hardest part was the listening component, which I pretty much guessed at all the answers. They went by simply too quickly, or I couldn’t concentrate or whatever. So I think I’ll have failed that part. The Kanji and the grammar I think went ok – that is there weren’t that many that I had no clue about, so hopefully it’ll only be the common mistakes, or the mistakes because I went too quickly over them. With some luck it’ll be enough to cover for my lack of points in the listening part. Hopefully. :)

During the 3rd part of the exam (grammar and reading) the proctor at the front fell asleep in her chair. She was really fast asleep because I made some loud coughs in the test just to see if she would wake up, but nothing doing. I stretched and moved about a fair amount, but nothing budged her. Funny.