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Parent teacher meetings

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

We had parent-teacher meetings on Monday this week (a holiday in Japan, but the teachers were working). Lauren’s teacher didn’t have much to say about Lauren other than she fitted in perfectly. At this stage (4 years old) I really didn’t expect any important feedback and she’s usually so cruisy anyways.

Evan’s teacher had some good feedback, all very good. He said that Evan was a bright kid and was functioning well in school. He said he’s always procactive in the class, adding very meaningful and intelligent information to the conversations. He was particularly keen on the human body exercises and really took to it with a shine. He also uses difficult words in his sentences, so that’s very good. He said his reading was ok with pretty well normal mistakes etc.

He also said that Evan shows good leadership abilities, which surprised us because we felt he usually follows instead of leads. He said for example, if the kids are doing a game or something, he’ll go in and take control of things and make sure things go certain ways. He won’t usually initiate things himself, but it’s good that he’s taking command of things. Perhaps that’s because he’s quite confident in what he says, perhaps too confident. There was a case where Mr. Schoff asked about something and Evan had it quite wrong and everybody else agreed, but he was quite certain it was the case. It took a bit of convincing to get him to see the reality. He’s quite a confident kid.

All in all, the kids are doing great!