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Sunday, September 14th, 2008

We went with the kids to a baseball game today. It was the first baseball game (and stadium) for the kids. We weren’t sure how they’d enjoy it, since they’ve never even seen baseball, but I think they had a good time. Evan understood quite a bit of the game, but Lauren was oblivious to a lot of it and her concentration was much shorter than Evan’s.

The teams playing were both quite good ones in the Japan league. The Chiba Marines vs the Softbank Hawks. The Marines won 9-5, so it was an exciting game with rallies back and forth as to who should be in the lead. In the last few innings, the Marines got more points that the Hawks didn’t recover, so the Marines won in 9 innings.

Baseball - Japanese style

Note the beer keg totting women who walk around selling beer. In the Tokyo dome, when ordering one, the girl will come up, kneel down in front of you and poor your drink.

At a point in the game (7th inning) everybody blew up these strange balloons and then sang some song and then all together, they released the balloons into the air. It looked a bit like snow or something like it, because there were so many balloons in the air. A few landed nearby and Lauren and Evan picked them up and brought them home. Here’s a picture of the event:

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We had a great time!

Peter’s first book

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Peter send us a copy of his first book the other week. It’s titled “Asia’s banking CEOs” and is a snapshot of some of the leading CEOs in Asia.

Asia's banking CEOs

It’s a really good read and not too difficult. I picked out the Japanese banks since they’re of most interest to me and I found it really well written and with insightful comments by the CEOs.

We’re pretty proud of Peter’s first book! Now we need to write a Wikipedia article on him! :)

The book can be bought from any online bookstore such as:

Barnes and Noble