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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

We had snow on the weekend (Saturday) and the kids had never seen live snow before, so it was a terrific day for playing in the snow. It snowed maybe 10 cm and it was quite wet, so it was good for snowman making, of which we made 3! Both Evan and Lauren had a great time, and Lauren was mesmerised by the snow first thing in the morning! It was amazing to see their eyes light up when they looked outside! She’s also let out random shrieks of glee when we were in the snow. I’ve video-taped some of the snowman building and will try to send it out.

We also went to Sankeien gardens with Yoshi, which was really beautiful! They are having a new exhibit there of old Japanese dolls (hina), which was really nice. Yoshi rang us in the morning saying she was bored as Fumio was in Osaka for the weekend, so we gladly obliged by meeting up with her. We gave her some of the muffins that Nicole and the kids baked in the morning.