November 16th, 2010

Madonna Maradonna, Marriedonnadonna
Godownna, Godownna
Likadonna, Frozenonna, Virgonnabadonna
Everydonna, Burnonna
Pennadonna, Pennadonna, Pennadonna



Close battles

November 16th, 2010

Close battles
We all look the same
Double, triple, quadruple
Lined up in the moonlight
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November 15th, 2010











Insect playground/forest/playground

Insect playground/forest/playground

I.M.Peissible is not thing

I’m paired – impaired is nothing

I’m pale – impale is nothing

I’m partial – impartial is nothing

I’m balance – imbalance is nothing

I’m material – immaterial is nothing

I’m mature – immature is nothing

I’m measurable – immeasurable is nothing

I’m migration – immigration is nothing

I’m mobile – immobile is nothing

I’m moral – immoral is nothing

I’m mortal – immortal is nothing

I’m movable – immovable is nothing

I’m passioned – impassioned is nothing

I’m Peter – impetuous is nothing

I’m Petus – impetus is nothing

I’m Peach – impeach is nothing

I’m passive – impassive is nothing

I’m patient – impatient is nothing

I’m pending – impending is nothing

I’m penetrable – impenetrable is nothing

I’m perceptible – imperceptible is nothing

I’m perfect – imperfect is nothing

I’m┬ápersonal – impersonal is nothing

I’m pertinent – impertinent is nothing

I’m placable – implacable is nothing

I’m plant – implant is nothing

I’m plausible – implausible is nothing

I’m ply – imply is nothing

I’m polite – impolite is nothing

I’m port – import is nothing

I’m pose – impost is nothing

I’m posing – impozine is nothing

I’m position – impositions is nothing

I’m possible – impozzible is nozzing

I’m potent – imposhlong is nothing

I’m poverished – impoverished is nothing

I’m practical – impractical is nothing

I’m precise – imprecise is nothing

I’m pregnable – impregnable is nothing

I’m press – impress is nothing

I’m print – imprinmt is nothing

I’m prison – imprison is nothing

I’m probable – improbable is nothing

I’m prudent – imprudent is nothing

I’m punity – impunity is nothing

I’m pure – impure is nothing

I’m queer – is nothing

I’m red – is nothing

I’m sadistic – is nothing

I’m transgender – is nothing

I’m underground – is nothing

I’m venus in furs – is nothing

I’m warts ‘n’ all – is nothing

I’m Xerxes in furs – is nothing

I’m yellow – is nothing

I’m zero – is…

Ashes of the hero

November 9th, 2010

Birthing fighting pushing grasping rushing running thrashing

Finding the holy lady peace, a piece of the holy lady

Sinking to the mud at the bottom of the silent, frozen lake

The seeds of a gore plain of unholy madness with thumbs and fingers

Pressing the lid of heaven, the mad hero knows he’s gone too far

Destroying the sun, mixing with the ashes of a hero

Ashes of a hero

Ashes of the hero

Eight year olds, Dude…

October 10th, 2010

Eight year olds, dude… Walter Sobchak

Spotted in Amsterdam three years ago to this date

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Eight year olds, dude... Walter Sobchak

Venal plague

September 26th, 2010

Venal plague setting deep in, under the skin

The deep feeling of expulsion, growing thin

Voiding the void within, the shuddering din

Greeting the need to win in the stillness of sin

vernal plague

vernal plague

Elvis Phuong

September 26th, 2010

Elvis vinh dong truong dang man thinhg

Buon don gon Elvis thuat duon don ton

Vuet Elvis vuet Elvis, thuan dinh king

Tuat Elvis hip Elvis, jing jing cuoan tin

Buoy buey Elvis gan yip dinh king

Kuoy kuey Elvis gan yip dihn king

Elvis Phuong

Elvis Phuong

Love, awful love

September 26th, 2010

I see the strange hate that his heat in this sick and rejected world

The word is the world, the world is the word if we love and love

The love is the love of the world if the world is the word of love

I can see that this street is sunny and full of friends’ smiling faces

I see the faces of the friends who smile at me as they walk down the street

I see my woman, I know that she is fine

She looks at me, she likes me, maybe she loves me

And the world is good



Moon, man

September 24th, 2010

This is it

What I tried to say

I wanted it that way

A plan that is hard to sell

The moon, man

The moon, man

I wanted so much to play

To try to stay away

We had those feelings deep in side

Trying to live in this hotel

The moon, man

The moon, man

Going down the the aisle

Those feelings I’ve got to hide

I know I cannot let it ride

The feelings I know I cannot tell

The moon, man

The moon, man

A thrice tale told

Want to make it hold

Keep it in the fold

With a true old friend’s heart

We never lose our friends

We never lose our friends

We never lose our friends

Our friends, they never find an end

Our friend, they are never lost

Never lost, even when they are lost

The moon, man

The moon, man

Funny face

September 21st, 2010

She wears a funny face

Mistress of the bunny race

Spectre of the garden gnomes

Golem of a thousand sacred homes

Pleading immemorial basilisk

Finding the thought superior

Bleeding like a phony vampire

The demon’s kiss

Like a vampire

Like a vampire