Oma & Opa in Europe, 2019

This year in March, we met my parents in Germany, rented a car and travelled through southern Germany (Munich, Traunstein, Berchtesgaden, Nuremberg, Cologne, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Ahlen-Westfalia), Austria (Salzburg, Melk, Schönberg am Kamp, Vienna) and the Czech Republic (Česky Krumlov, Prague). It was fantastic to hit the road with them, visiting historic sites and seeing friends and family. Lovely!

As usual, click on the links to see a bigger picture.

Oma & Opa & Zen in Traunstein.
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A wonderful dinner with friends in Traunstein.
Traunstein Naoko Zen Opa Oma Gisela Heinz

A perfect picture in Salzburg.
Salzburg Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Getreidegasse, Salzburg.
Salzburg Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Visiting my old school in Salzburg.
Salzburg Oma Opa Peter Naoko Zen

At the monastery in Krems.
Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa Norbert

At Maria’s in Schönberg am Kamp.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Oma & Opa in Schönberg am Kamp.
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With our wonderful friend Theresa in Schönberg am Kamp!!
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With my parents at Schönberg am Kamp.
Oma Opa Peter

Dinner in Schönberg am Kamp.
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A beautiful morning in front of the Stefansdom in Vienna.
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Near the Stefansdom in Vienna.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa Norbert

In Vienna near the Stefansdom.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa Norbert

Hello, Vienna!!!!
Oma Opa

Eine kleine Bierli! In Vienna!!
Naoko Zen Oma Opa Norbert

With Norbert in the Kleine Bierl in Vienna. Great meal, great times.
Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa Norbert

Saying goodbye to our wonderful friends in Schönberg am Kamp!!
Zen Naoko  Oma Opa Norbert Theresa

Dinner at Švejk Restaurant in Česky Krumlov, named after The Good Soldier Švejk.
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Late afternoon in Česky Krumlov!!
Peter Naoko Oma Opa

Hanging out at the castle in Česky Krumlov.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa

On the Charles Bridge in Prague.
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Oma, Opa, classic car. Prague.
Oma Opa

Wandering the streets of Prague on our second day, after the Charles Bridge.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Prague wandering!!
Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Waiting for the driver to arrive in Prague…
OMa Opa

Awesome sausages in Nuremburg!!
Naoko Zen Oma Opa

Great sausage restaurant in Nuremberg.
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Cologne, the cathedral by night.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa Roswitha

With our wonderful relatives in Ahrweiler!!
Roswitha Naoko Zen Siegfried Liesbeth Irmtraud Oma Opa

Our relatives gathered in Ahlen, Westfalia.
Peter Naoko Zen Oma Opa Gerhard Ruth Manfred Inge Simon Michael

Oma, Uncle Manfred, Uncle Reinhard, on a beautiful day in Ahlen-Westfalia.
Oma Manfred Gerhard

At Dieblich, on the Mosel river.
Oma Opa Naoko Zen

At Dieblich, on the Mosel river.
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At Deutsches Eck in Koblenz. The cool people!!
Oma Opa

A beautiful dinner with the Schultheis family in Heidelberg.
Naoko Zen Oma Opa Dieter Naoko Hana Lena

Oma Opa

Near the castle in Heidelberg.
Oma Opa

Heidelberg Castle 5.
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A wonderful lunch after seeing the cherry blossoms in Heidelberg.
Naoko Dieter Naoko Oma Opa Zen

Lovely lunch after cherry blossom viewing in Heidelberg!!
Peter Naoko Oma

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